The Project

Learning from every step, being an example in itself

Academic and agile approach

The aim is to start building in 2024 so the first 150 inhabitants can start living there 10 years from now, in 2029. The path to get there will be both academic and agile, learning from every step, being an example in itself. As we see it now the research phase will be completed in 2021, followed by the prototyping phase to test and validate housing, energy, agricultural, social, communication, economic and logistic concepts and simulations. Also by then land should be acquired, permits approved, inhabitants selected and sufficient funding must be gathered to start building.

Do you know
what makes people
and societies thrive
in life?

Exploring similar initiatives

Since 2017 we are gathering data. To connect the dots and to learn from similar projects that are also based on a technological, open source, scalable, automated, nature friendly and spiritual set up. For example The Venus Project, Seasteading, Auroville and Dorfer der Zukunft.

The Village of the Future emphasizes the importance of evidence-based development. Therefore we reach out to Earth’s scientists to co-create, share knowledge and expertise so we can collectively contribute to the health, prosperity and well-being of all people.

Eye-opener #1

The future of farming is regenerative. It shifts the paradigm and partners with nature.

Eye-opener #2

Thriving to most people means to grow vigorously without limitations.

Eye-opener #3

Zero waste means 100% of all materials are re-purposed for beneficial use.

Creating and developing the Village of the Future is like embarking on a journey. It sparks off an endless stream of questions. Interesting topics that point straight to the core of the project and the purpose of life itself.

Scoping the scope

Scoping the scope is an important aspect of our lean agile approach. Starting point is a broad variety of questions. About research topics, the village’s values, business models, the use of blockchain and crypto currency, fundraising, communications, land acquisition, etc. We assess and filter them to get a clearer view on the scope for the oncoming months and to fuel the discussions at our live Village of the Future gatherings in Amsterdam.

  • What does it mean for individuals and communities to thrive ?
  • What are key aspects of regenerative agriculture?
  • What is needed to reach the highest levels of happiness and harmony?
  • How can technological inventions and ancient spiritual wisdom go hand in hand?
  • What is the ideal population structure of the Village?
  • What are similar projects in terms of thriving, technological advancement and regenerative set up that we can learn from?

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