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We are focused on co-creating and building a village. But most importantly, we are creating a movement. We are bringing people together to share their knowledge, inspiration and enthusiasm. We welcome you to join our journey, in any way you feel comfortable. Participating in designing the first village, sharing your knowledge or creating social networks with us and your own project. To create the Village of the Future we need like-minded souls, but to create a New Earth, we need to connect! So let’s join forces and show the world it is possible to live life in love and abundance in harmony with nature.

We are ready for the New Earth, are you? We welcome you to join our community!


We’re looking for expertise on regenerative living, resource based economies, blockchain technology, sociology, horizontal democracies and so much more. Please share your experience with us and we’ll get back to you.

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Sharing the dream of conscious living is the first step to manifest it. Join our events and enlighten us with your perspective on how to thrive, awaken and evolve as human beings. Also follow us on social and share (y)our vision.

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Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Your financial support is welcome to reach out to the world and to enable research, open source collaboration, prototyping and conscious development. Please click the button to make a donation.