The Village

Open source scale-up for conscious living

Starting with one blueprint village

The first Village of the Future will be established in Costa Rica, for this country has the ideal ecological, social and political climate to foster a model village where people live and co-create in harmony with their environment and their fellow citizens. It will be called Nova Esperança or New Hope. The long term ambition is that the Village of the Future evolves into an open source scale-up with satellite villages arising all over the planet. Together they will form the New Earth grid to spread conscious and sustainable living.

There are many eco-villages
in this world, but a place
where spirit and science
reinforce each other
doesn't exist yet

The Village of the Future has 4 foundational pillars

A place for Self-realization

The Village of the Future offers a transformative pathway for people to develop themselves as way-showers of social action in the world. No solitary enclave, but connected to the world in an uplifting way. By living here, working here or visiting the village, people can free their innate power as global citizens to collectively strike at the root of the challenges that stand in the way of a just, sustainable and fulfilling future for all. There will be experimental playgrounds, meditation centres and inspirational gardens. All basic human needs will be fulfilled in order to pave the way to the higher levels of Maslow’s pyramid: love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization.

Rooted in science

The Village of the Future emphasizes the importance of evidence-based development. Reaching out to Earth’s scientists to contribute directly to the health, prosperity and well-being of all people. Scientific knowledge is urgently needed to guide, measure, monitor and attain our goals for sustainable and conscious living. To do so scientists must share what is already known more broadly, accelerate the discovery of relevant knowledge, invent usable indicators of progress, engage directly with users of information and embrace trans-disciplinary approaches, especially with social scientists, civil society or industry.

Embracing ancient wisdom

The Village of the Future aims to integrate the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures with the technical advanced knowledge of modern society. The village supports personal and collective transformation as a catalyst to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet. In indigenous cultures, dreams are a guiding principle of life, shared each morning before sunrise. The village propagates the values of sharing and intention setting. Also shamans will play an important role, guiding the way to spiritual growth and honoring and sustaining life.

Regenerative for planet and people

The Village of the Future will be a self-sustaining settlement in the middle of nature. Imagine dome houses that blend in with nature, equipped with smart sensors to generate their own energy and communicate with each other. A circular form of living with zero waste, zero energy loss and no use of fossil fuels. Working with nature instead of depleting it. An automated way of growing food will be developed, abundant for all who live in the village. Also imagine a self-regulating horizontal democracy and a transparent and resource based economy system, that uses blockchain technology and crypto currency. Science based and life enhancing.

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