The Vision

Let's create a place to thrive and celebrate life

The current path is straining

The current path of human development is straining. Mother Earth’s resources are being depleted. Nature’s ability to support not only people, but all life-forms, is being affected. And the impact is huge. Melting glaciers. Diminishing rainforests. Global climate change. Plastic oceans. Also our stressful human lifestyle has an adverse impact on our social, mental and emotional wellbeing and doesn’t allow people to achieve their potential or live peacefully together. Do you hear the call?

Earth is calling
Life is calling
Purpose is calling
It’s calling for a vision
A vision of hope

Daan Gorter

Nova Esperança: a vision of hope

Nova Esperança, or New Hope, is the embodiment of this vision. A village, situated in the heart of Costa Rica, with the ideal ecological, social and political climate to foster a model village where people live and co-create in  harmony with their environment and their fellow citizens. All material and personal needs are taken care of, allowing them time for creative pursuits and realizing one’s full potential.

The Village of the Future will show a new way of living in order to solve humanity’s main challenges on earth. A blueprint for conscious living that can be scaled all over the world. Open source and available for everyone and anyone to adopt freely.

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Let’s take the next step and manifest the vision together

Founding father: scientific shaman

The field of change is opened by Daan Gorter, a Dutch rocket scientist, shaman and entrepreneur, co-founder of Tribepreneurs Mastermind Groups and founder of the Awaken & Connect Community. He believes that being part of a  collective is more important than ever before. And not just a collective. He envisions a global community that lives and thrives on the energy of love, connection, growth, sufficiency and transparency.

He set out on a journey, connecting change makers, scientists, pattern breakers, shamans, healers, believers, rebels and academics.  Since 2017 he and his team are gathering data. To connect the dots and to learn from similar projects that are also based on a technological, open source, scalable, automated, nature friendly and spiritual set up. The time has now come to take it to the next level and pave the way to manifest the vision.