Welcome to the Village of the Future

The Village of the Future shows a new way of living in order to birth the New Earth paradigm. Working with nature instead of depleting it. 100% circular and regenerative for planet and people. Uniting ancient spiritual wisdom and modern technology, allowing people to reach their full potential and live peacefully and purposefully together. The Village of the Future envisions a blueprint for conscious living that can be scaled all over the world. Open source and available for everyone and anyone to adopt freely. We welcome you here to evolve and co-create with us.

Imagine a place…

Daan Gorter, founding father

Purpose is calling

Our current path is straining. Earth is calling. Life is calling. It’s calling for a place that supports nature’s resources and stimulates people to reach their full potential.

A journey of Self-realization

Each one of us is an instrument for our divine nature to become physical reality. The Village of the Future offers a journey of Self-transcendence where you can evolve in a horizontal and vertical way.

Reinforce conscious living

It’s time to awaken and start living our lives in a different way. We envision a global community that thrives on the energy of love, connection, growth, sufficiency and transparency.

Regenerative for people and planet

The Village of the Future propagates a circular form of living with zero waste, zero energy loss and no use of fossil fuels.

Open source scale-up

We invite you to adopt and share our blueprint for conscious living. Highly technological, yet embracing nature and involving ancient wisdom.

Lean agile development

The Village of the Future will take shape in an organic way. Step by step, with a lean agile project set up and lots of experimental playgrounds.

Global impact requires widespread involvement. To develop the Village of the Future as an open source scale-up for conscious living we need brains, hearts and money.
What would you like to share?


We’re looking for expertise on regenerative living, resource based economies, blockchain technology, sociology, horizontal democracies and so much more. Share your brainpower in our Village Square.


Sharing the dream of conscious living is the first step to manifest it. Join our events and enlighten us with your perspective on how to thrive, awaken and evolve as human beings. Also follow us on social and share our vision.


Little by little, a little becomes a lot. Your financial support is welcome to enable research, open source collaboration, prototyping and conscious development. Explore donation and investment options in our Village Square.

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